Main frame steel production
In strict accordance with GB standards, patented production technology to ensure perfect welding and accurate dimensions.


Corrosion is everywhere,surface treatment=life span

The corrosion of steel can be considered as an electrochemical process that occurs in stages. 

The corrosion process requires the simultaneous presence of water and oxygen. In the absence of either, corrosion does not occur.

The purpose of anti-corrosion is to isolate oxygen and water.
Simple and effective methods: metal coating and non-metal coating.


Cold formed steel for supporting roof and wall( C/Z/T/U)
Not limited by specifications.


Roof / wall metal sheet and sandwich panel


Screw----key point to your surprise.

For a long time, fasteners have been the weak link of all building structure connection. It is not the design or performance problems, but the reduction of strength and the broken caused bycorrosion over time.


All this can be avoided!

Zinc-Tin alloy mechanical coating, patented and practical technology, with long-term excellent anti rust properties.

Maximum drill thickness:12.5mm


What we pursue:PERFECT!!!

A building need to be practical and also with beautiful appearance.
We focus on every detail and connection, use a variety of accessories to make the connection strong and beautiful.


Roof/Wall pipe caps water resistant flashing

World class waterproof products for pipe/hole on roof or wall. EPDM or silicone and other flexible materials are used, with excellent physical and chemical properties, simple construction, reliable performance and no any noise. The guaranteed service life is more than 20 years.