Design process

In strict accordance with China desin code,we use the world wide software to make sure the structure pass static analysis.Our engineer with certificate and rich experience in many kind of building design.


Auto-quote software

In order to improve the service quality and ensure to provide customers with fast and accurate quotation, we developed a steel structure automatic quotation software, which can quickly respond to customer requirements.


Testing laboratory

There is a chemical laboratory and a physical laboratory in factory, which are used for material quality testing and finished product quality testing.

The labs have almost all the testing equipment of steel structure, and welding inspectors with NDT certificates.


With the patented packaging technology, we can ensure that the heavy steel loading is safe and fast, so that our customer can unload the goods simply and safely to save shipping and labor cost , and ensure that the goods are intact.


TUV and Alibaba double verified

All the company information has been double verified by TUV and Alibaba.